Adele Plans New Album ’25’ And Tour For 2015

Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Adele in 2015. After taking a break back in 2012 after giving birth to her son Angelo, the Grammy award winning singer is ready to make her big return in 2015 with a new album and a tour to follow.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the news came from World Music Awards Twitter. The twitter dropped the announcement that Adele’s third album would be coming in 2015, and just like the rest of her albums, would be titled after the age she made it during, which is 25.

No longer having to worry about hitting the Sophomore slump, Adele’s third album 25 follows her 2011 smash 21, which earned her seven Grammys along with American Music Awards, Brit Awards and so on and so forth.

That said, her new album 25 has a lot to live up to. As we stated, her 2011 album 21 won a bunch of awards, was critically acclaimed, and broke a few records as well. According to Billboard, with 21 Adele became the first woman to hold the record for the longest number one album on the charts.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about Adele’s pending album. Back in May, Adele the soul singer hinted on Twitter back in May that there was something for her fans to look forward to.

Since her success, the singer has been out of the spotlight and thrilled with just being a mother to her son.

The last time we really heard from Adele was at the 2013 Grammy awards where she spoke about motherhood.

At the time, she won another Grammy for Best Solo Pop for “Set Fire to the Rain [Live].: When she accepted her award, she said:

“Thank you so much. This is amazing. I just wanted to come and be part of the night because I loved it last year, obviously. Thank you. I just want to send big love to all the other girls and all us females doing this because we work so hard and we make it look so easy.”

Backstage, Adele opened up about how radically her life shifted once she became a mother.

“You have to prioritize what you stress about and worry about when you have a child. Getting my hair and makeup is usually a blast. I’m like, ‘Get off! Get off!’”

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