Hannah Davis: Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend Steals The Spotlight At All Star Game

Hannah Davis may be dating the most famous baseball player in the world, but she was the one stealing the spotlight at Tuesday’s MLB All Star Game.

The girlfriend of Derek Jeter was shown front-and-center on Fox’s broadcast of the game. Jeter has announced that this will be his last season, so much of the broadcast — starting with the pre-game coverage — was focused on him. During the game the camera often panned into the crowd to show Jeter’s family, which included parents Charles and Dorothy and sister Sharlee.

That meant Hannah Davis got plenty of screen-time as well, something that media outlets picked up on. Screenshots of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model showed up on sports blogs and Twitter, with many people realizing for the fist time that Derek Jeter is dating the woman who plays the DirecTV Genie.

Hannah Davis: Derek Jeter's Girlfriend Steals The Spotlight At All Star Game

But as Larry Brown Sports noted, Derek and Hannah have been a hot item for quite a while:

Jeter and Davis first began dating in the summer of 2012, supposedly. There were some rumors last year that the two were engaged after Davis was spotted with a big ring on her finger, but that turned out to be a bunch of nonsense. There were some rumors that they broke up in February, but if that report was true, it was short-lived; they quickly got back together.

Things have become pretty serious between them ever since. Jetes had dinner with Davis’ family at the beginning of the season, and Hannah has been attending many of his games — both at home and on the road.

Hannah Davis is not the first famous girlfriend to take a bit of the spotlight away from her athlete boyfriend. Back in early 2013, Katherine Webb shot fame when ABC’s cameras caught her rooting on her boyfriend, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, in the BCS Championship game.

Tony Romo likely knows a bit of what AJ McCarron feels. During a Cowboys game last year, the camera panned several times to his wife, Candace Crawford. Though the Cowboys would lose the game, Crawford became famous and her name was one of the most popular internet search terms the following day.

During the recent Winter Olympics, the pregnant girlfriend of star U.S. hockey player T.J. Oshie, Lauren Cosgrove, also found her way in the headlines.

But Hannah Davis doesn’t need Derek Jeter to help get her attention. Aside from being featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, she also made headlines for a recent commercial for Air New Zealand. In the controversial ad, Davis and a number of other scantily clad models were shown giving the normal pre-flight safety instructions that passengers hear on flights.