Student Expelled Marriage: 22-Year-Old College Student Expelled After Gay Marriage

An Oklahoma student was expelled from college after her marriage… to another woman. According to ABC News, Christian Minard, 22, received a letter from her school — Southwestern Christian University — telling her that she was no longer enrolled. Minard was on her honeymoon in Las Vegas when the letter arrived at her home. She says that the university must have found out about her marriage, perhaps because she posted her marriage license on Facebook. Despite being in a relationship with her now wife for several years, the university only took action after Minard got married.

Minard said:

“I’m not friends with anyone from my university. And there have been pictures of us because we’ve been in relationship for 3½ years, and no one ever said word.”

The student expelled after her marriage says that she sort of understands that she violated the student conduct code, but that other students who break the code don’t suffer consequences. Part of said conduct code includes a “lifestyle covenant,” which Minard says was more than likely the reason that she got expelled. The school isn’t being too forthcoming with information, however, but they say that’s because it’s a private matter and that Minard would need to give permission in order for them to talk about it with the public.

University Academic Vice President and Provost Connie Sjoberg said:

“We are limited in what we can discuss. We would definitely love to address that (reason for expulsion), but we need permission from the individual to speak in depth. We definitely are open to discussing (with students) any situation that we have here at the university. We are committed to our founding principles and our lifestyle covenant.”

The student expelled after her gay marriage is planning on transferring to a public school to complete her degree in sports management.

Many people have been debating this news, some saying that they agree in the Christian school’s decision, and others saying that Minard shouldn’t have gotten expelled because her personal life shouldn’t affect her studies. As evidenced by the comments on Yahoo!, people have a lot to say. How do you feel about what happened to Minard? Sound off in the comments below!

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