WWE News: Wrestling Legend Sting Finally Signs WWE Contract, When Will He Appear On WWE TV?

Pro-wrestling icon Sting may have finally done what we’ve all been waiting for him to do. WWE has been courting the face painted warrior since January, and had hoped to sign him before the year let out. While they had been close to signing Sting in the past, the WWE was not going to take many chances with it this time around, and wanted to be sure they didn’t mess it up too much. Although some reports claim they did just that several times.

The Wrestling Observer claims that Sting is as signed as can be, due to the fact he was used last night on the WWE 2K15 video game commercial. WWE had filmed other commercials for the game, including some where a bodybuilder poses as the Icon instead of Sting himself. This was most likely done as precaution so that if Sting was not signed, they could easily still sell the game. However, as we saw, Sting showed up on the screen.

Another telling sign is that immediately following the commercial, Sting wrestling merchandise went up on WWEShop.com. Usually this is only done with contracted talent to make sure they do not run into issues. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer claimed WWE would never put someone’s merchandise up for sale unless they were confirmed to be with the company for a while.

The Observer also claims that due to the recent signing, and the fact that the game alone will need promotion, we could see Sting on WWE TV sooner than we think. The word “imminent” was used to describe the timing from the Observer. Obviously that would excite many fans. WWE could pull the trigger for this at any time. Their annual SummerSlam PPV is coming up next month, and the build-up to that starts next Monday, after WWE Battleground on Sunday.

The details of his contract have not been released, but it is said to be a long-term deal.

The feeling backstage at RAW was that not only were the fans excited to see that Sting might be coming to work for WWE, but the WWE talent was also excited. The same feeling happened when Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior came back, as the talent were fans of all of them and wanted to work in the WWE at the same time as them. Due to the fact that Sting has never worked for the WWE, the excitement is said to be very big for him. Sting most likely has a longer future with WWE than most.

The reason for this is because Sting is still in great shape, and could wrestle a few big matches a year. But in the meantime, he could have an on-camera role with the company in some capacity. The idea that was being thrown around was that he would be a WWE RAW GM. Of course, this removes Brad Maddox from a job in the future, but it does allow the WWE to have a babyface Authority figure who cannot be pushed around as easily as Maddox.

With WWE bringing in Sting, the idea is that he will be a featured part of the company from the moment he arrives.

WWE has signed him now, so the concept of beating around the bush on things is now gone. WWE finally has the star they have been recruiting for nearly two decades.

Sting will appear on WWE programming before WrestleMania 31, that much is sure. With WWE needing to build up the Fall shows and the WWE Network to get subscribers, Sting’s impact is needed now more than ever. This is why the Observer feels that Sting will arrive shortly and word backstage according to them is that WWE is surely wanting Sting on WWE programming as quickly as possible. Due to this, it seems likely that it will happen near SummerSlam, as it would be the perfect time period for it. Plus, WWE likes to unveil a lot for the WWE video game then. So it’s as good a time as any.

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