Kelly Preston Says Scientology Saved Her After Son’s Death

Although stars like Jennifer Lopez have been quiet about what if any affiliation they have with the controversial religion Scientology, John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are two high-profile members who are certainly vocal about their affiliation with the organization.

In fact, says Preston, it was Scientology- which is often criticized for its outlandish beliefs and sometimes cruel, sexist and homophobic teachings- that “saved” her following the tragic and sudden death of her teenage son, Jett. Jett Travolta was 16 and on vacation with his parents in the Bahamas when he passed away after a seizure. His passing sparked off an extortion ordeal for Preston and Travolta, and during the ensuing trial it was revealed that Jett suffered from Kawasaki Disease as an infant as well as occasional seizures.

In the dark days following Jett’s death, Preston says, her family, friends and religion kept her sane. In the upcoming issue of Health, she says:

“Johnny is definitely my rock. Kirstie [Alley] is one of my absolute best friends. My mom, my brother. And to be honest, the Scientology center. I don’t know if I would have made it through without it.”

The Jerry Maguire actress- who was once engaged to Charlie Sheen, ending the relationship when he shot her in the arm for failing to procure a cup of coffee for him- says that losing Jett reinforced her appreciation of her children:

“Don’t sweat the small things. Love your kids like it could be the last moment.”

Preston and Travolta have a daughter who is ten, and their baby boy Benjamin turns one in November.