Robin Quivers In Car Accident: Says She Was “Almost Killed” [Drama Queen]

Have you ever been in an accident? Robin Quivers, sidekick to Howard Stern was this weekend and unlike most of us who would just exchange insurance info or write down the other drivers license plate number and be on our way, she’s claims that she was “almost killed.”

According to Quivers she was the victim of a hit-and-run accident over the weekend near her home in New Jersey. She told Stern during an airing of their show:

“I was in a car accident,” while adding, “This guy came out of a parking lot or some kind of side street like a maniac and he lost control of his car and he hit me.”

Quivers went on to tell Stern that she was driving on New Jersey’s Route 9 when she tried to slow down but Crockett “spun around in a 360” and then “backed up and drove off.”

For all the fuss about the incident, police in Barnaget Township, New Jersey found and ticketed Robert Crockett, 50, for slamming into her car on Sunday, while citing him for leaving the scene of an accident and charging him with reckless driving, failure to report an accident and operating an unregistered vehicle.

In the meantime based on Robin Quivers’ idea of “almost dying” I have nearly been killed on 5 occasions in my life, thankfully never when I was the driver, however I typically just told people “someone hit our car today” which seems a lot less dramatic but also probably wouldn’t play as well on a shock jock’s radio show. Don’t let Quivers fool you, she had plenty of time to carefully choose the words she used in her story. Regardless of how serious the situation may have actually been I’m glad she’s okay, I like Robin.