Sneak Peek: Derek Jeter’s Chilling ‘RE2PECT’ Ad In Honor Of This All Star (Video)

MLB All-Star Derek Jeter retires after an incredible career. There is no way this 40-year-old baseball legend will be allowed to go quietly. No way! Jeter will be honored tonight during his 14th and final All-Star game. Fans will see a fabulous tribute from Nike Jordan Brand in a 90 second spot to be aired during the Yankee game per

The heart-felt spot, entitled RE2PECT, opens with a chilling scene of the late Bob Sheppard’s famous “Jeter at-bat introduction,” according to Yahoo Sports. And it doesn’t stop there. As you watch the ad, you will see a barrage of celebrities paying a “tip-of-the-cap” tribute to Derek Jeter. The big name celebrities range from Jay Z to Phil Jackson; to Billy Crystal to Carmelo Anthony; to Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan. It is also touching, and fun to see the likes of Mr. Met and a few begrudging Red Sox fans paying homage to Derek Jeter at the end of his 20th season with MLB according to Yahoo Sports.

Nike is proud of Derek Jeter and the legacy he leaves. Derek Jeter actually became the first Jordan Brand-endorsed baseball player when he signed with them in 1999. Jeter has 12 signature cleats to his name, which is more shoes than any other athlete other than Michael Jordan, according to Nike Inc.

It is great to honor an athlete, such as Jeter, who made it through his career without an arrest or scandal. Congratulations on an incredible career to The Captain, Derek Jeter.

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