‘Tekken 7’ Trailer Revealed, What We Found In The Footage [Video]

The Tekken 7 trailer has been revealed during EVO 2014, a yearly event for fighting game aficionados to shows their skills for the world to see. Namco and Bandai obviously chose the tournament event due to its importance to the genre, rather than revealing their plans at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Now the world is wondering what Tekken 7 gameplay will be like, and if the previous games are an indication, we can expect more of the combo-heavy semi-realistic fighting the series is known for. When the series began, it was renowned for throwing out the “fireball wars” that Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat made popular, focusing instead on a story and more hand-to-hand combat. Relative realism has stuck with the series, even though there is still a flaming fist or a living wood dummy on occasion. The combat has always been about up close and personal fists and feet in combos you can’t simply dial in.

The first part of the Tekken 7 trailer shows us a woman with a hair accessory around the back of her neck sitting in front of a Buddha statue. A man opens the doors behind her and she simply states that if he’s there, then it must be time. The man is possibly Heihachi, a mainstay for the series who embraced his dark side for the sake of power.

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Heihachi, father of other mainstay Kazuya, appears to be back for more. He is an aged sorcerer who apparently traded his humanity for power so he could maintain his standing as the King of the Iron Fist. The woman reveals that Heihachi now wields powers she has.

We might see a super powered female warrior this time, pleasing the press which seems obsessed with pointing out the lack of female characters in major games. Ubisoft has been a regular target for the trend, and it seems the Tekken 7 trailer is hinting that Namco and Bandai are planning to dodge the proverbial bullet.

Could this woman be Kazuya’s mother and mentor to his power-mad father, or possibly Jun Kazama? Could Jun or Kazumi be back as a vengeful spirit to stop the man forever, fighting alongside Kazuya and Jun’s son Jin?

Whatever happens, the Tekken 7 trailer says this is the “final battle,” and therefore the ending to the series. The world will be expecting an explosive finale. Perhaps the next trailer will show us actual gameplay.

[image via videogameideas]