World’s Worst Babysitters, Or Charming Way To Watch Over Snoozing Tot?

Okay moms and dads, here’s a new parenting technique we haven’t heard before — and it’s either the craziest thing ever or the most brilliant way to keep your baby safe from harm that anyone ever came up with. Check out this video that first went viral late last year, and is now making the rounds again.

It’s pretty easy to see why people would find the scene in this clip fascinating — though maybe in a “watching a car crash” kind of way. The original YouTube clip has more than 2 million views since last October. A recent re-post on Facebook last week as been shared more than 76,000 times already.

While the whole story behind the video is still unclear, it appears that a mom in India left her baby to sleep, and kept the tot safe — or should we say “safe” — by surrounding the little one with four deadly cobras.

Well, one thing is for sure. No one is going to mess with that baby. The question is, what keeps the cobras from striking the infant themselves? In the opening shot of this viral clip, the little tyke actually cuddles up with one of the fearsome snakes, who must rank among the least cuddly animals’ on the planet Earth.

As some commenters on the original YouTube posting have noted, in India and other societies where “snake charming” is a traditional form of entertainment, the cobra’s fangs are often removed. The practice is cruel and painful to the cobras, but it is possible that this inhuman act has been performed on these snakes, seen in the video.

Normally, a single cobra bite contains enough deadly venom to kill 10 to 15 adult human beings, not to mention a baby.

Cobras can also be “trained” to open their hoods, the flaps of skin just below the snake’s head, that give cobras their distinctly intimidating appearance. The four cobras apparently guarding this sleeping baby all have their hoods open, which means that either someone is playing a particularly twisted trick, or the cobras feel threatened and are warding off possible predators.

As a method of protecting an infant, however, cobras still leave something to be desired. Frankly, we’ll stick to baby monitors, thank you very much.