Cake Boss And Friends Stranded, Lost In Fog: Rescue Draws Jokes And Gratitude

TLC star “Cake Boss” and his friends needed a bit of help Friday night in the New York Harbor. Buddy Valastro, his wife, and some of their friends got stranded in their boat when heavy fog led to a harrowing journey that led to an emergency call for help.

CNN shares that the Cake Boss and his friends were on his 32-foot Boston Whaler when the heavy fog obscured their visibility. Valastro and his wife were on the boat with another couple and nine children. It seems they got lost in Ambrose Channel due to heavy fog, and around 9:30 pm. Friday night they made an emergency call for help.

The fire and police departments responded and towed the boat to the Jersey City, New Jersey Liberty Landing Marina. Valastro has shared that the group had dined in Highlands, New Jersey, and headed out around 8:30 pm to head home. Things quickly became frightening when the dark, combined with deep fog, to create a situation where “you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you,” Buddy shares. He adds, “We started to get really scared.”

After a larger vessel almost ran right into them, the Cake Boss and his friends decided it was time to call for help. Buddy says his wife was “flipping,” the kids were crying, and some people were seasick and vomiting. It seems all of the children were 10 years old and under, and Valastro jokes, “I couldn’t pick a worse bunch of people to be on the boat stuck in the fog with.” Though the situation was scary as it played out, it didn’t take long for the group to start joking about it after they were rescued.

Police have indicated that they saw no signs of impairment in Valastro and they found no equipment violations or alcohol on the boat. Authorities didn’t know who was involved when they responded, but the TLC star says he wants to make them a cake now that things have worked out.

It does indeed seem that the Cake Boss and his friends are able to joke about the rescue now that it’s behind them. Buddy Valastro posted a photo from the incident on Instagram after the fact and wrote, “Next time we go out at night need to check the forecast #mywifewantstokillme.” Fans are just glad to hear that the Cake Boss and his friends are ultimately fine and it seems Valastro handled it as well as he could have.

[Image via 6ABC]