Jared Leto Hugging Meme Is Twitter's Latest Obsession [Photos]

Jared Leto probably didn't think that a photo of him hugging a tree would suddenly become a wildly popular meme on Twitter.

The Dallas Buyers Club star recently treated his Instagram followers to a photo showcasing his unabashed love of nature. Leto looks genuinely thrilled to wrap his arms around a tree. However, folks with perhaps a bit too much free time on their hands decided to incorporate Jared into a handful of other photographs.

Before long, the Jared Leto meme was born. While this writer generally isn't too enthralled with this kind of viral tomfoolery, this one is a bit more clever than most. Either that or I just love looking at photos of Leto embracing random things.

Instead of forcing you to sift through the Jared Leto-oriented clutter on the aforementioned micro-blogging site, we've assembled a fine collection of memes below. Some are more amusing than others, but all of them demonstrate the never-ending appeal of Leto. Even if you hate Jared's music and movies, chances are these pics will bring a smile to your lips.

Although the images embedded above are probably all the Jared Leto memes most people can probably handle in one sitting, this doesn't mean there aren't tons of others currently making the rounds on social media. In fact, the handy hashtag #jaredhugginleto will proudly introduce you to a bevy of other like-minded photos crafted by the actor's legion of loyal -- and slightly deranged -- fans. It's actually kind of mesmerizing.

Not surprisingly, it seems Leto is among the countless individuals who find the meme more than a little amusing. Check out Jared's official Instagram page if you're curious to see which of ones the actor believes are funny enough to repost. At least the guy has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Which is your favorite Jared Leto pic?

[Lead image via Bing]