Two Moto GP Riders Let Their Fists Talk Instead Of Their Driving Skills, In A Brawl, Amidst A Race!

Racing is certainly a high octane, adrenaline rushing sport. However, when accidents happen, they are never pretty or amicable. Two Moto GP drivers who collided during a race certainly proved that race-driving can get ugly and we are not talking about collisions.

It was a great day for racing motorcycles. The German Grand Prix held on Sunday was going really well. However, all was not great for Bryan Schouten of Mahindra Moto3 and Scott Deroue. The race wasn’t even in its final or advanced stages. In the early stage itself, Bryan suffered a rather heavy fall owing to a collision with Scott. The latter scraped him at high speed which led to both of them losing balance and careening off the track into the gravel.

Unlike other crashes, which are quite devastating, both the drivers were miraculously unharmed. Owing to the relatively low speed of the bikes and the crash training imparted to both the drivers, they were able to walk away from the accident without a scratch. However, all did not end there, as Bryan was visibly upset about the accident. Instead of behaving like a gentleman of the sport, Schouten got to his feet and went straight for his countryman!

Incidentally, Bryan and Scott are both Dutch. After the accident, Schouten literally went for Deroue like a charging bull and both of them can be seen exchanging blows as if they were in a street fight. They were behaving very unprofessionally, all the while the race continued.

But the interesting kicker is that the duo wasn’t even among the leaders. The only two Dutchmen in the Moto3 race were battling for 23rd place in the early stages when Deroue tried to pass his fellow countryman, reported Fox Sports.

After they both ended up in the sand trap, Schouten tried to punch and kick Deroue as they got up from their wrecked bikes. All this happened while they were on the gravel and their pit crew was carrying the bikes to their respective pits. The pair exchanged quite a few blows before being separated by officials, reported Daily Record.

Schouten later apologized on Twitter for the incident, but refused to back down about whose fault the crash was.

Though the drivers seem to have buried the hatchet, racing stewards failed to see the humor in the altercation. The officials have fined two penalty points to Schouten. Meanwhile, Aussie Jack Miller went on to win the race, continuing his recent dominance.

[Image Credit | AP, Getty]