The Bill Cosby Show’s Revival Is A Certainty, May Happen As Soon As Next Summer Or Fall

Bill Cosby is one of the top stars in the history NBC Television. Starring in the sitcom The Cosby Show, the entertainer had his audience in splits. After a hiatus of 30 years, the veteran performer has been nearly confirmed to retake his spot with a revival of The Bill Cosby Show.

Despite making it clear that the show isn’t on the priority list, Bill Cosby’s return to the NBC studios could take place as early as next summer. The as yet untitled series is being described as “classic, extended-family sitcom” with Cosby as the patriarch. Hence, the new series may not be an exact replica of the earlier format. However, if the earlier iteration is anything to go by, many nostalgic Bill Cosby fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Bill Cosby Show was a huge hit among the TV audiences, and it ran for eight consecutive seasons before the lead star decided to headline a sitcom at CBS and several other projects. The Bill Cosby Show literally saved the NBC Network from certain oblivion. Bill Cosby shot the ratings through the roof, and TV audiences once again started to watch the network, reported BuzzFeed.

Despite the success, the upcoming Bill Cosby Show will have a slightly tweaked format. The network is making sure that other shows, which tried to cash in on the success of The Bill Cosby Show and failed, do not have their shadow cast on this one. The network will bring back some old studio tricks to keep things fresh and quite literally in perspective.

Apart from the show, NBC is trying to revive the ‘multi-camera’ approach, as well as the live-studio concept, reported The Huffington Post. The as-yet-unnamed show starring Bill Cosby will be shot using multiple camera angles and will also have a live studio audience. Confirming the news, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said:

“The network is trying to bring back this classic “multi” form, which goes back to “I Love Lucy” and the earliest days of network television. There’s been a generation of writers and producers who have gone away from multi-cam, and we are trying to revitalize (that form).”

The chairman has candidly accepted the fact that writers and producers have stayed off the ‘multi’ form for a long time. Hopefully, new audiences will enjoy the old format as much as previous generations.

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