WWE News: WWE Set To Air CM Punk Special On WWE Network, Fueling Rumors Of A Return

If WWE was not trying to make us wonder about the CM Punk situation, they have really blown that it seems. WWE has made some weird and somewhat puzzling moves the last few weeks. First, the WWE decided that they wanted to give a free WWE Network week, with no strings attached. There, fans in America could watch the Network all week to see if they might want to get it. Obviously, this has been done with other services like Netflix. So it’s not an uncommon business practice.

The free network week was not the weird part to most, but rather the programming they decided to air during it. WWE thought it would be a good idea to have CM Punk a focus for WrestleMania Rewind. Keep in mind, most of the Rewinds are done from the past. So guys like Punk are present on it, which is cool. The issue is, why would WWE air Punk’s Rewind this week knowing that they are trying to bring fans to the Network and people will see it, causing more trouble for them?

If you think about it, the WWE made a boneheaded move here. By making it free, the Network would have had more eyes than normal. Many of those people who have chanted for Punk every week are only going to grow. The most hilarious part is at the end of the Rewind, they call Punk the Best in the World, and have CM Punk chants to end the Rewind documentary.

How puzzling is that when WWE actually made it a point for talent to not bring up Punk on TV or in interviews when outside the ring?

WWE has seemingly shot themselves in the foot even more as they are set to air yet another Punk centered documentary this week. They are showing part of his Best in the World DVD, which is a good documentary. Of course, both things could have come out any other week. However, WWE has waited until Punk’s contract is set to end AND during a free period so the whole world will see the craziness.

Some may say that they did it to get people to watch. While this could work, the issue really is that it’s only causing more problems for the WWE. WWE has been trying to get CM Punk chants to stop and has made it a point to remove any Punk signs at TV tapings that they see. They made it a point not to mention, and while he may not have the same issue a Chris Benoit has now with mentions, Punk is still not beloved for what he did.

The interesting part is that now news is coming out that WWE may not forcefully renew Punk’s deal, which expires this coming week. It’s said that WWE feels it would not be in anyone’s best interest. Punk is free to use his name away from the company as he owns the name. Hilariously, Punk is set for appearances after his deal ends, such as hosting the Gibson Brands AP Music Awards on July 21, which is next Monday.

Punk’s wife AJ Lee is with the company and one of Punk’s wrestling heroes, KENTA, just signed with WWE officially yesterday. While we cannot rule out a WWE return, especially with several signs that WWE is throwing at us, we cannot foresee him showing up any time soon… if ever again. For now, the news is still the same. There is no CM Punk deal on the table, regardless of the rumors out there claiming otherwise. WWE offered in the past and he declined, so most believe he would be gone anyway around this time.

Whether or not we see CM Punk in a WWE ring again is up in the air, it could always happen and WWE seems to be more than willing to see it happen. Obviously they are still showing him in a good light on the Network. However, regardless of what WWE does on the Network, Punk will make his own decisions. For now, it seems like he has decided to stay away.

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