Zayn Malik Smooches Perrie Edwards In Public

One Direction star Zayn Malik has been sharing his love for his fiance Perrie Edwards from Little Mix a lot lately. They’ve been talking about their relationship, how comfortable they are with each other, plans for the wedding, and much more. Zayn even shared his ideal date with Perrie, which is surprisingly boring for one of the mega stars of One Direction. Now it seems that Malik and Edwards have reached the level of public displays of affection.

At Perrie Edwards’ “Funfair” 21st birthday party, Zayn Malik was photographed planting a big kiss on his girl in front of everybody. Zayn hasn’t seemed to have any shame about his feelings for Perrie in the past, so why should he stop now? According to the Mirror, Zayn and Perrie couldn’t keep their hands off each other. A photo set shows Zayn and Perrie smooching and touching each other passionately in the broad daylight of Perrie’s party.

The “Funfair” celebration Zayn threw for Edwards’ 21st birthday included a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a bouncy castle, and coconut shy. The whole extravaganza was organized by Zayn Malik himself and is estimated to have cost $10,000 or more. Perrie was seen wearing a long, cream-white crochet dress, while Zayn was wearing a red wool cap, a sleeveless plaid shirt, and jeans. The party was held in Barnet, North London, close to where Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards live.

After the birthday bash was over, Zayn’s fiance reportedly said, “I had the best day ever! Thank you everyone who came. I hope you all had a blast. I love you all! 21! Cannot believe it.”

Fans of One Direction are likely growing ever more heart broken as they see how truly in love Zayn Malik is with his girlfriend. There’s still no wedding date set for Malik and Edwards, but it seems to be drawing closer and closer. We can only suspect that the wedding will be even more extravagant than the party Zayn threw for his future bride. Will we get a glimpse of Malik’s wedding when the day comes? If Zayn and Perrie continue to be as open and proud of their love as they have in the past, then wedding photos do seem likely.

According to the Independenta source told British newspaper The Sun about the party Zayn threw for Perrie, saying, “It was incredibly romantic. Zayn and Perrie were really enjoying each other’s company. It shows how in love they still are.”