Radiohead To Work On New Album This September

Radiohead will finally head back to the studio this September to work on new music after three years since King of Limbs.

Guitarist Jonny Greenwood spoke on Mary Anne Hobbe’s BBC 6Music Show on July 12 and divulged the news.

“We’re going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing, and recording and see how it’s sounding,” Greenwood said when asked for an update on Radiohead. Greenwood had said earlier this year the band would discuss the album in the summer and said, “But, you know, we’re a slow-moving animal, always have been. I guess we’ll decide then what we do next.” With the fall plans, this animal seems to be gaining some speed.

Currently, Radiohead is tied up with side projects and taking a break from being in a band.

“Thom’s just come back from touring Atoms for Peace and he’s having some quiet time,” Greenwood said. “I’m sorry to be vague but we’re all just taking it easy at the moment. Just enjoying being at home and hanging out really. But at the same time, the vibe is very much Oxford and all good! It’s like that.”

As Greenwood said, frontman Thom Yorke had been touring with Atoms for Peace, his side group with Flea and Nigel Godrich. And according to Rolling Stone, Greenwood has been busy working on orchestral film scores, including one for the upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson film Inherent Vice. And for the first time, Greenwood will also be performing his score live to There Will Be Blood in August and September. Drummer Philip Selway has been working on his solo project and album, which he will release this October.

Fall is the season of Radiohead. Or is it?

All of this news sounds familiar, and that’s because a similar announcement came over a year ago.

Radiohead announced in February 2013 they would be working on their next album in September that same year. Colin Greenwood discussed with the Daily Mail and The Guardian his time in South Africa and with Children’s Radio Foundation charity. During the interview, the bassist briefly discussed Radiohead’s future plans.

At the time, they were on a nine-month break from Radiohead when they pursued other projects, like Atoms For Peace and charity work.

So what happened last fall?

Radiohead always puts out their best work by their own standards, so it could take a few years. But since their last album, three years have passed. Maybe the nine-month break really slows them down — they are a “slow-moving animal,” remember. So perhaps they’re a bit like Congress, and if reform doesn’t happen by a certain time, it won’t happen until the next time around.

Either way, the record is on its way. So, fans have plenty of reason to be excited.

[Image by John Puddephatt via Flickr]