Ian McKellen As A 93-Year-Old Sherlock Holmes?

If you happen to follow Ian McKellen, you may be interested to know that he Tweeted a pic Friday of himself as the legendary English sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. The actor, best known for his roles as Magneto and Gandalf, now gets to portray yet another icon in the annals of literary fiction in an upcoming film titled simply Mr. Holmes.

To date, Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed by over seventy actors, and is currently the focus of two television shows. Some of the most notable actors to take on the role include Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey, Jr., Brent Spiner, Peter O’Toole, and even Charlton Heston.

Of course, the upcoming movie itself has been discussed here on the Inquisitr as well, but until now it’s only been anticipation. Now that the movie has actually started to film, we’ve got the first picture of Ian, provided by the actor himself. If we didn’t already think he was legendary after his previous roles, the addition of this one is sure to earn him that title.

During his interview on Twitter yesterday, McKellen was also asked if he would ever be interested in guest starring in an American television show. The actor jokingly replied, “If the entire cast of Glee got down on their knees I might have to consider it.”

Ian, who is gay in real life, has also recently been widely popular in a most unusual sitcom over in England. If you have yet to give a look at Vicious, you ought to find a way.

Now coming into a second series, the show was Ian’s first attempt at starring in a television show. “It was particularly difficult for me to work out how to play to an audience of 500 people – who are in the studio with us – and play more subtly to the camera,” he said. “I think there’s a level of playing that I’m interested in getting right [this time].”

Ian would like for there to be “more signs of modern gay life” in the second series than was in evidence during the first. “I’ve heard hints that the characters are going to be getting out of the house a bit more, and I like that,” he said.

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