The Miami Hurricanes football program finds a scandal of its own

Let me start this by saying that the alleged amateur college football industry in the Untied States is as much to blame for this mess, as the corrupt agents, and foolish players who decide to indulge themselves. Right now a college athlete has no means to make any money honestly and that is an issue and we will see it played out school after school.

For now the University of Miami is the one caught in the headlights as a Yahoo reporter has found an interesting cat already serving 20 years in federal prison. Apparently he has been a very bad boy. Former Hurricane and current Chicago Bears return man Devin Hester got a sweet pair of rims in exchange for an engagement ring. Current Denver Broncos LB DJ Williams got cash and a trip to Miami for his mom. Of course the big kicker here is New England Patriots Vince Wilfork who got a 50k lump sum payment while he was a junior.

Again, the players are virtually denied of any opportunity to earn legit money, so they turn to guys like this. Especially Wilfork who lost both his parents while he was attending Miami. It is pretty hard to fault these guys for turning to illegal means, when legal means are denied them. The players earn no money from playing, sure they get an education, but that does not give them day to day money to deal with expenses as they pop up. The football team takes up so much of their time having a job on the side is simply not an option, and highly regulated by the NCAA.