Adding Jim Ross’ Commentary To Video Games Continues As A Third Video Is Released!

Earlier this year, The Inquisitr brought you a very entertaining video in which Jim Ross’ commentary during matches in the WWE were dubbed over video game footage. The concept was so popular that another video was made in which Jim Ross seemed to do commentary for iconic scenes in Game of Thrones.

Now it seems that dubbing Jim Ross over anything is quite a popular thing to do. The video game footage video was so popular, in fact, that the people behind it had to make a third video! That’s right! We now have another video of epic video game footage called by WWE hall of famer and commentator, Jim Ross.

Uploaded on the Youtube channel of TheBlueOwlPlays on July 11, 2014, the video already has over 60,000 views. If you remember how the channel dubbed the previous videos, and if you like WWE, then you’ll probably recognize most of the voice cuts from plenty of the pay-per-views, but primarily at the King of the Ring 1998 when the Undertaker faced off against Mankind in the most memorable Hell in a Cell match in history. Personally, I loved the dubbing from the original Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo (Famicon) system from the 1980s.

On a personal note, the third video wasn’t as good as the second. However, it is good to see these videos coming out which means they are popular. It is also pretty cool to hear Good Ole’ J.R.’s commentary, because he may not ever get a gig back in the WWE since being terminated possibly for his attitude during the THQ party for WWE 2K14. News reports he was a bit tipsy for the occasion and his behavior was kind of unsavory.

If you are interested in the next video of video game footage dubbed to Jim Ross’s commentary, sign on to Youtube with your Google Plus or Gmail account and subscribe to TheBlueOwlPlays!