Rumors Of Lindsay Lohan Rehearsal Mishaps Untrue

When it comes to celebrity info, breaking news doesn’t seem to have a good track record for accuracy. Such is the case with a recent report from Star involving Lindsay Lohan, wherein she was accused of showing up to rehearsals late and unprepared for her upcoming performance in the David Mamet play, Speed-The-Plow:

‘The cast is already really annoyed,’ an insider says. ‘The director told [Lohan] that, basically, it’s a one-strike deal; if she misses one more practice or comes in late again, she’s done.’

The article proceeds to highlight Lindsay Lohan’s off-the-wagon behavior, according to Radar Online. However, Gossip Cop claims these rumors are completely untrue:

A rep for the star confirms to Gossip Cop exclusively that Lohan could not have missed a single practice because rehearsals for the play haven’t even started yet.

A report from WhatsOnStage echoes this statement, going even further to state that the play is still going through the casting process. But is Lohan someone to worry about in the near future when rehearsals do begin?

In a timely interview with BBC, Lohan directly addresses this very question when asked about missing rehearsals or shows for the upcoming play. “That’s not going to happen,” she told BBC.“That’s not on the cards. It’s not.”

If you’ll recall, one of Lindsay Lohan’s big blowups took place during the filming of the 2007 movie Georgia Rule. Lohan had repeatedly showed up late on set, citing illness as the reason. Her tardiness and subsequent absence caught the attention of James G. Robinson, the CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, who publicly blasted Lohan in an open letter:

To date, your actions on Georgia Rule have been discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional. You have acted like a spoiled child and in so doing have alienated many of your co-workers and endangered the quality of this picture. Moreover, your actions have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. We will not tolerate these actions any further.

This is often marked as the beginning of Lindsay Lohan’s downfall, but the actress seems eager to make up for it.

“I want to be known for my talents and my work that I create, rather than a tabloid sensation,” Lohan said in her BBC interview.“However long it does take, I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to work for it.”

Thoughts on Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming play? Is there reason for concern regarding her ability to commit? Let us know in the comments below.