‘Legend Of Korra’ Cancelled Soon Due To Season 3 Ratings Drop?

Could we see The Legend Of Korra cancelled? A recent ratings drop during the release Season 3 may have some fans worried about the fate of their beloved Avatar series.

In a related reported by The Inquisitr, Platinum games is producing a Legend Of Korra video game that may be interesting to more than just fans of the Avatar TV show. Some say Book 2 was unique because it resembled American politics, centralized on the theme of a government shutdown. It was also on this season that Lisa Edelstein signed on as well.

Legend Of Korra season 3 is also making a name for itself because Nickelodeon is releasing the full Book 3 in half the normal time by airing two episodes each Friday, which means the release schedule is being halved. This is fairly odd so it’s reckoned that the company either believes the show is no longer marketable, and they’re just trying to shove what’s finished out the door, and as a result there has been a noticeable ratings drop because many fans were not prepared for it to come out. A ratings drop means less money which in turn means we might see The Legend Of Korra cancelled in the worst case scenario.

The other interpretation is that this odd release schedule is a reaction to the entire plot for Legend Of Korra season 3 being leaked out on to the internet. The second interpretation might the correct one based upon what show creator Bryan Konietzko wrote on his Tumblr account:

“It is bad enough that it happened at all. But it would have been a little less of a disaster had it at least been the first four episodes of the season…. [The leak led to] confusion and, at least on our end of things, frustration.”

For example, even though Legend Of Korra season 3, episode 4 and 5 just came out we already know that episode 6 is about Beifong facing her past in addition to the focus of episode 7. I won’t reveal any more spoilers but you can look up the details elsewhere if you really want to know.

The good news is that The Legend Of Korra season 4, or Book 4 if you prefer, was already in the works even though Legend Of Korra Season 3 is still being released as we speak. Way back in October of 2013 the voice actors revealed they were already working doing recording work for Book 4, never mind Book 3, so it seems that Nickelodeon is planning for the long term. There was even talk of Legend Of Korra season 3 being cancelled at the time because of the ratings drop during Book 2. So while the current ratings drop is setback it seems likely we won’t see Legend Of Korra cancelled at least in the short term.