Britney Spears’ Off-Key Track Doesn’t Matter

Britney Spears is under fire. The pop star reportedly had an un-autotuned version of her song “Alien” leak online, which revealed Spears singing in a weak, off-pitch voice, untouched by computer tuning. Whether it’s a real track or not, ultimately the reveal of Britney’s lack of singing ability won’t hurt her career one bit.

Especially not in the way it would hurt say, Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera, pop stars who are known primarily for powerhouse vocals. But as Brit is a unique pop star all of her own, one that was never praised for her singing merits and still massively popular in spite of them, this “reveal” seems like something that’ll blow over in week’s time, easily forgotten.

“If you have been paying attention to the career of Spears, you would know that she can’t really sing and often can’t be bothered even making an effort to pretend otherwise,” says The Telegraph. Spears’ allure is to be the “dark fantasy,” The Telegraph continues, to be the American Dream girl-next-door while also being risqué and tempting.

Says Vox:

“Believing that Britney should be able to sing without Auto-Tune requires you to believe something else: that Britney Spears is a musician. Britney Spears is not a musician. Success as a pop star is in no way tied to vocal ability.”

So then what does make Britney so successful, so likable, besides her allure as a teen fantasy? Her vulnerability. Her human moments, which seem more rare when hidden behind airbrushing and auto tune. We’ve seen her at her best, and her worst. She’s grown up in front of us; Brit’s a household name. To live that sort of life in the public eye is fascinating, and even more so when her insecurities show.

Ultimately, we all just want Britney to be happy. We want to see her healthy and smiling and in love and out to brunch with her boys. More than any other pop star, we want to sit Britney down and ask, “Are you doing okay? No, really, are you?” And that bit of humanness, behind the facade, seems why Britney’s career will endure past any sort of scandal the press can sling at her. We all just want to be fans of Britney Spears.

Image via Telegraph