Can You Waffle It? Buzzfeed Attempts To Cook Many Foods With A Waffle Maker [VIDEO]

waffle maker

When it comes to breakfast, one of the only foods considered to be a common staple as well as a preference are waffles. Why? It’s because so many different countries make their version of waffles, or should I say use of batter. Some countries like pancakes, some like crepes, some like fried dough. Still, the allure of a fluffy waffle smothered in syrup is tantalizing. Even fast food restaurants recognize the popularity! Taco Bell made a waffle taco and Popeye’s made waffle tender crisps!

Thanks to modern technology, people can now make their own waffles at home with a waffle maker or waffle press! However, Buzzfeed wondered if there is anything else you can “waffle” besides waffles. They tested many foods to find out.

Uploaded on the YouTube channel of Buzzfeed Yellow on July 10, 2014, the video has almost a quarter of a million views and is the seventh most popular video on YouTube as of the publication of this article. As for the content, it is pretty much straight forward. They get a bunch of food stuffs, shove it into a waffle press, and try to cook it. I am surprised because some of the foods came out pretty good looking, including the tater tots, donuts, chocolate chip cookie dough, and a quesadilla. Unfortunately, some of the foods that had potential didn’t work such as brownie batter and macaroni and cheese.

Amazingly, Buzzfeed isn’t the only ones to think of this because Listotic has twenty-three things you can cook with a waffle maker. Some of the foods I wouldn’t even think about but after much thought, I could see it as plausible. To conclude, I will list all twenty-three foods below. Now if you may excuse me, I need to go plug in my waffle maker. I got some experimenting to do.

  1. Bacon
  2. Scrambled Eggs
  3. Waffled Egg Sandwich
  4. Brownies (I guess Buzzfeed put in too much batter)
  5. Waffled Cheeseburger
  6. Waffled French Toast
  7. Waffled Pizza Pockets
  8. Waffle Iron Pizza
  9. Waffle Iron Hot Dogs
  10. Waffled S’mores
  11. Waffle Iron Donuts (Yay!)
  12. Waffle Iron Quesadillas (Yay again!)
  13. Waffle Iron Panini
  14. Waffle Iron Crab Cakes
  15. Waffle Iron Carrot Cake
  16. Waffled Mac & Cheese (Guess Buzzfeed didn’t know what they were doing)
  17. Waffled Cinnamon Rolls
  18. Waffled Cookies
  19. Waffle Iron Soft Pretzels
  20. Waffle Iron Corn Bread
  21. Waffled Hash Browns (Tater Tots!)
  22. Waffled Bread Pudding
  23. Waffle Iron Confetti Cake

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