Video Of Woman’s Freakout On A Slingshot Ride Will Have You Rolling [NSFW Language]

There’s something unbelievably hilarious about a person’s reaction to an amusement park ride when they not sure if they even wanted to ride it in the first place.

Enter this hysterically classic video of a woman’s reaction on a slingshot ride.

Originally posted to YouTube back in 2011, this video of a woman regrettably riding a slingshot ride is quickly gaining steam on Reddit and other video sharing sites.

The woman begins with a strange laughing cry before the ride even starts, which is an obvious indicator that hilarity is just around the corner.


Tie that in with a cruel ride operator who releases the slingshot when the woman isn’t ready and YouTube gold is born with this slingshot ride reaction.

Have you ever been on a ride like this? Did the ride operator release it before you were ready to go?

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[H/T Reddit user ntldrbackburn]