The Coolest Cooler is the Most Awesome Summer Invention Since Summer Began, Kickstarters the World Over Agree

With summer in full swing, I can think of very few must-have inventions that are cooler than the Coolest Cooler. The Coolest Cooler has become a Kickstarter phenomenon. Pocket-lint tells us that the Coolest Cooler has been met with such an eager reception that it has literally smashed its Kickstarter goal in its first day. The “most-awesome” cooler’s initial Kickstarter goal was $50,000, but the invention has gained $1.7 million in pledges as of its second day on Kickstarter.

Money talks, and with all the positive crowd-funding garnered through peoples’ enthusiasm about the product, one has to ask the question, what’s so great about the Coolest Cooler?

I’ll tell you what’s so great about it. Oregon Live tells us that the Coolest Cooler comes complete with a built in blender (powered by an 18 volt battery), a USB port, an interior LED light (built into the inside of the lid), a removable waterproof speaker, divided compartments, a cutting board, interior storage for plates, tie downs, a cutting board, extra wide wheels (making it suitable for transport on the beach), and last but not least, a bottle opener.

The Coolest Cooler has a built in USB port for your smartphone,and its 18 volt battery does allow your phone to charge.
The Coolest Cooler has a built in USB port for your smartphone and its 18 volt battery does allow your smartphone to charge.

Imagine this scenario: You plunk down in your lounge chair on the beach, stream your favorite station off your smartphone through the cooler’s built in speaker, mix yourself a marguerita via the cooler’s built in blender while your friend grabs a cold beer and uses the cooler’s bottle opener to pop the top, all the while the cutting board, plates, and knife stored in the Coolest Cooler’s included compartments set the stage for some serious sandwich making. And now you see, this is more than a cooler. The Coolest Cooler is essentially a party-enabler in a “box.” The Coolest Cooler’s built in tie downs and fat wheels make it exceptionally easy to bundle with all your other picnic gear as well.

The Coolest Cooler allows for easy picnic transport.
The Coolest Cooler allows for easy picnic transport.

Oregon Live tells us that the Coolest Cooler’s inventor, Ryan Grepper, keeps the description of his product pretty simple. Ryan tells The Oregonian, “It solves a lot of needs.” It’s true, and what more, does he really need to say about it? The product really advertises itself.

If you’re looking to pick up a Coolest Cooler for future party needs, camping trips, or whatever, Pocket-lint tells us you can order one for $185.00. The Inquisitr will even send you in the right direction for finding awesome music apps to accessorize your cooler-based smartphone. With all those options, it’s no wonder why so many Kickstarter fans are pledging money to help Coolest Cooler enabled parties to begin!