Russian Businessman Injured While Having Sex With Bolshoi Ballerina: Couldn’t Match Agility?

Bakhtiyar Salimov, 45, is a Russian businessman who was smitten with 38-year-old Anastasia Volochkova, a former prima-ballerina with the world famous Bolshoi Ballet.

However, her years of training meant that she was superfit with extraordinary physical ability as is obvious from the above image. According to Russia’s daily newswire Life News, unfortunately for Bakhtiyar, his abilities did not match his aspirations, so after having sex together, he was left in such pain they had to call an ambulance.

You may recall the name Anastasia Volochkova, whose claim to fame is that she was fired by the Bolshoi Ballet in 2003 following allegations that she was too fat and too tall and none of her male partners wanted to carry her.

She doesn’t deny her love for ice-cream and says she wouldn’t want to live without it, but she doesn’t feel her weight of 106 pounds is unreasonable, even for a ballerina.

Following her dismissal, she sued the Bolshoi and was eventually awarded the equivalent of several thousand dollars in compensation and reinstated. However, her victory was academic as the Bolshoi has not offered her a role since 2004. So, she launched herself on a successful solo career before settling down.

The Daily Mail reported that her lover, Salimov, had only recently recovered from a serious illness. The couple had been celebrating rather actively when he suddenly started suffering from incredible back pains.

Ms. Volochkova explained:

“Bakhtiyar just could not get out of bed. We had been for a meal together to celebrate being back together and afterwards we put our feet up on the sofa. He didn’t have any other exercise that day except for having sex twice. Afterwards the pain was so bad from his back that we called the ambulance out twice but the medication they gave him didn’t help. He can’t stand up and is currently confined to his bed.”

Considering his pain, it is unfair to speculate about which position he was attempting to achieve at the time.

Perhaps we can study the picture above and form our own conclusions!

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