Facebook Protesters Say: We Want Breasts

Protesters outside Facebook’s Palo Alto office yesterday demanded breasts, or to be precise pictures of breast feeding off the banned list on Facebook.

The protesters, reportedly outnumbered by the press covering the event, had signs including “Hey Facebook, Breast-feeding is not Obscene,” and sang a song titled “our breasts aren’t porn.”

The titillating argument over breast feeding on Facebook has been bubbling away for most of this year, since Facebook started to remove pictures of breast feeding. Facebook claims that breastfeeding on Facebook is ok, but nipples aren’t….go figure.

The Mercury News has more here, and an MSNBC clip on the issue below. Storm in a D Cup, or legitimate gripe? Certainly we don’t see a lot of people demanding the pictures be removed, so I can’t help but wonder exactly what Facebook’s agenda is in inflaming these people.

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