Kendra Wilkinson: Hugh Hefner Has Reached Out To Kendra Amid Cheating Scandal

Kendra Wilkinson heard from Hugh Hefner, her former boyfriend, as he reportedly reached out to her during this trying time in her life. According to News Max, Hefner let Kendra know that she is welcome at the Playboy Mansion at any time — and that if she needs anything, he will be there for her. In many ways, it is nice for Kendra to know that she has a support system. If she does decide to file for divorce from her husband, Hank Baskett, she will need a lot of support from her family and friends.

A source told Us Weekly:

“He told her to come to the Playboy Mansion any time. He’s been supportive and hates that Kendra is going through this.”

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been married for five years. The couple just welcomed their second child together, a daughter Alijah Mary, 7 weeks ago. Several reports indicate that Baskett cheated on his pregnant wife with transgender model, Ava Sabrina London. The couple has yet to address the rumors publicly and Kendra has gone silent on social media, signifying that something is going on, but that she and Hank are trying to deal with things privately.

A source said that Kendra is still “in shock” and that the process is taking some time. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kendra has not been wearing her wedding ring. She reportedly flushed it down the toilet when she found out that Hank cheated on her.

Many suspect that Kendra Wilkinson will file for divorce — it is highly unlikely that she will forgive Hank and take him back (he is supposedly not staying at the house with her), but she needs to take her time and make sure that the decision she makes is the best one for her and her children.

Obviously this isn’t an easy situation for Kendra to deal with. She likely never thought that she would need to think about getting a divorce — and more than likely not due to Hank cheating on her — but that’s life. Hopefully she can come out of this on top and keep her priorities in focus: Little Hank and baby Alijah still need her as a mom, so she must keep it together the best she can.

Do you think Kendra Wilkinson will file for divorce from Hank Baskett? Do you think she will make the decision soon?

[Photo courtesy of Us Weekly]