Michael Irvin’s Wife Sandy Harrell Was Told To Leave Him By Cris Carter Over Cocaine Addiction

Michael Irvin’s wife, Sandy Harrell, was once told to leave him by Cris Carter, which has the former Dallas Cowboys NFL player mad to this day.

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The reason that Michael Irvin’s wife even came up was because Carter suggested that the Cleveland Browns should cut Josh Gordon because of his addiction issues. The reason this was suggested is because it is believed that Gordon will not get better until he is allowed to hit rock bottom.

Irvin called bunk on this assertion and he believes he has a more informed stance based upon talking to doctors and specialists on addiction issues. He essentially believes that the ball is in Gordon’s hands and only he can choose what to do with it:

“It may not happen when the NFL wants it to happen — it’s NOT about the NFL and it may not happen when the Cleveland Browns fans want it to happen and it’s NOT about them either. It’s about that kid.”

But then things got personal when Michael Irvin’s wife was brought up in order to back up this claim:

“Even though I love Cris to death… I don’t know what year it was, we were in the Pro Bowl. He said to my wife — he said to my wife — you know, Michael would never come out of this problem until you leave him. Till you leave him. For years, I’ve held it. I’ve never shared that with anybody. I’ve never in my life shared that with anybody. I was so irked with Cris because he was out of line then. His ass is out of line now. He is out. of. line.”

Fortunately, Sandy Harrell did not leave him. They have been married since June of 1990 and they have three children together and a daughter named Myesha Beyonca from his previous relationship. But at one point times were hard for the NFL couple. In 1996, Irvin was arrested for cocaine possession and reports say he was “lying on the floor covered in cocaine with multiple strippers performing sexual acts upon him.” There were even reports that when Irvin was under the influence of cocaine he “sexually assaulted a Dallas Cheerleader, Nina Shahravan, and, with a gun to her head, videotaped the interaction.” Even after retiring from the NFL, Irvin had trouble shaking his drug problems and he was arrested on drug possession charges.

When Irvin was asked whether he ever confronted Carter over telling Sandy to dump, he gave an emphatic answer:

“Nope. Never confronted him with it because I know, just because he spoke it doesn’t make it reality and it wasn’t going to be my reality in that situation.”

Are you surprised that Cris Carter told Michael Irvin’s wife to leave him? Do you think the Browns should cut Josh Gordon as Carter now recommends?