Justin Timberlake Toasts Late Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson

Justin Timberlake played a sold-out show at First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, and to the audiences delight, he toasted the late Bills owner Ralph Wilson.

If there’s one way to reach a Buffalonian’s heart, it’s through the city’s undying, stubborn (Buffa)love for the Bills. And the USA Today reported JT did just that.

“Ya’ll know I’m a big sports fan,” Justin Timberlake said and raised a shot glass. The crowd began to cry out. “So we gonna do this one to Ralph Wilson.”

The crowd thundered with cheer as JT tipped back the shot (and took back the night?).

Ralph Wilson was the founder and sole owner of Buffalo Bills. The team even borrowed his name for the stadium (i.e., Ralph Wilson Stadium). And in March this year, Wilson died at age 95. It’s easy to see where the excited reaction to Justin Timberlake’s toast comes from.

Though, that wasn’t the only excitement that night: Justin Timberlake was originally suppose to make a stop in Buffalo back in February.

The Buffalo concert was postponed after JT put off his New York City show for health reasons, according to The Huffington Post. And in putting off New York, Buffalo’s show was postponed all the way into the summer. (The Buffalo Sabres were playing the night JT could have been at the center.)

Justin Timerlake felt bad and made sure Buffalo knew. He went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon before his New York City concert and had a special message for Buffalo.

“Hi, Buffalo. I’m Justin Timberlake,” he said on the show. “And I want to say I’m sorry.” He gestured to The Roots for more volume to their popcorn-selling music accompaniment and continued his apology, promising a show in the summer.

After a harsh winter and waiting four extra months, Buffalo’s excitement was to the brim and overflowing.

JT’s promises didn’t end there, however.

“And if for some reason you’re not satisfied.” The music was cut off by Timberlake’s cue. “Then Jimmy Fallon will come to your house and give you a full-body massage.” And maybe a hot tub. However, Jimmy Fallon didn’t seem to be privy to this knowledge and looked nervous.

“Asterisk next to that,” Fallon said. “It might not be true.”

Obviously what JT said was a joke. But some Buffalonians took the joke as a chance to bring Jimmy Fallon to the Queen City.

The Facebook campaign Bring Jimmy Fallon to Buffalo is asking Jimmy Fallon to make a visit to Buffalo. The group was formed in February after Justin Timberlake’s apology, and since then, the group has collected over 26,000 followers.

Justin Timberlake’s concert has already passed, and fans seem satisfied after the show. So Jimmy Fallon won’t have to give any massages.

Will he visit Buffalo anyway? At least for the wings?

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