Prince George: Snorkeling Will Be Encouraged By Prince William, But Water Tolerance Not Exactly His Strength [Video]

Prince George will be encouraged to take part in snorkeling by his father, Prince William, when he's older. The young royal, who is about to turn a year old, is having quite the month, landing his own Vanity Fair cover for the month of August and making headlines for his behavior in the water. It sounds like it'll be a while before England's future young king will be snorkeling when you hear what his father has to say!

William, 32, put on a wetsuit at the Oasis Sports Centre in Covent Garden, London on Wednesday when he announced his latest "inheritance" from Prince Charles as president of the British Sub-Aqua Club. Yahoo! Celebrity reports of William's recent comments regarding his son and what he hopes he'll see him do:

"I hope that one day my son, George, will also experience the wonders that snorkeling and scuba diving have to offer."

William enjoys the experience of scuba diving and shares this:

"Scuba diving really has opened my eyes. Not only to many extraordinary sights, but also to the responsibilities that we have as guardians of the underwater world."

William also notes the difficulty George gives him and mom, Duchess Kate, when it's bath time at home. Hello! Daily News quotes the Duke of Cambridge as saying:

"At the moment bath time is quite painful, but hopefully donning a snorkel and mask might calm him down."

A lot of children love taking baths, but some don't necessarily love it when they're young. Evidently, Prince George isn't one of those youngsters who enjoy playing around in the water all that much.

Kate Middleton is also a member of the BSAC. William told the audience, which included his father, that he'd been a "fair weather diver up to this point" and looks forward to getting back into "British waters."

The BSAC represents about 30,000 members and promotes scuba, snorkeling, and general water sports. Prince William enjoys surfing as well as body boarding, and actively pursues water activities while he's in Cornwall, England.

Last month Duchess Kate told British sailer Sir Ben Ainslie that she wants to get her son into sailing when he's closer to 7 or 8 in age. She revealed this at an American Cup event which supported British sailing competitors. The Duchess also revealed that her son had started walking, which was seen on Father's Day when he was at a polo match that his dad was playing in.

Prince George may someday also "inherit" William's role as president if he gets into water sports.

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