Robbie Amell Gets Firestorm Nod On ‘The Flash’

Robbie Amell as Firestorm on The Flash

Robbie Amell has received the nod to play Firestorm on the upcoming CW series, The Flash, according to TV Guide

Star of the short-lived The Tomorrow People, Robbie Amell is no stranger to the CW network, he’s also no stranger to superheroes; Robbie Amell’s cousin, Stephen Amell, is the star of Arrow. Robbie is set to play Ronnie Raymond, who becomes half of the superhero Firestorm in the DC comic universe.

In the original comics, high-school student Ronnie Raymond and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Martin Stein are caught in a nuclear accident that fuses the two together forming Firestorm. Since Martin was unconscious at the time of the incident, Ronnie’s mind is the predominant force in Firestorm — though he can hear the calm, logical voice of Martin in his mind.

However, Robbie Amell is no teenager. According to The Suburbanite, Robbie Amell will play a Ronnie Raymond who is a maintenance worker at S.T.A.R. Labs. So, if this version of the show isn’t following the original Firestorm origin story to the letter, will Robbie Amell’s version of Firestorm be a fusion of two minds and bodies?

According to TV Guide, Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond plays a significant role in the particle accelerator incident that turns Barry Allen — played by Grant Gustin — into the Flash.

Executive producer of The Flash, Greg Berlanti, said of Robbie Amell in a statement:

“Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg and myself designed the pilot and series to include Ronnie (aka Firestorm) and to actually have someone with Robbie’s talent playing the role is extremely exciting. We can’t wait for viewers and fans of the character to check it out.”

Amell isn’t slated to make his first appearance on the show until the third episode, but it’s clear that Robbie Amell is pumped about the character and the story.

“I’m so excited to join forces with Greg Berlanti and The CW again on ‘The Flash.’ Being brought into the DC Universe is a dream, I can’t wait to get started!”

With the success Marvel has had marrying the narrative ties between its films and television shows, many are wondering if DC will do the same thing. Considering the very successful Arrow, currently on the CW, and the anticipation surrounding the Grant Gustin — and now Robbie Amell-fueled Flash — many fans hope that DC will bring these TV characters into the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, or that there will at least be a tie between the Arrow and The Flash TV series and the movies when the inevitable Justice League film hits the big screen in the future.

The Flash — with Robbie Amell — premieres Tuesday, October 7th, on the CW.