J Crew Size 000: 23-Inch ‘Natural Waist’ Fitted By J Crew, Backlash Ensues

Spencer Platt Getty Images

J. Crew introduced size 000 for people with a 23-inch “natural waist.” The retail giant is facing serious backlash following their decision to offer the incredibly small size, which is meant to cater to petite women. According to The New York Daily News, J. Crew’s 000 is equivalent to an XXXS.

According to the report:

“J. Crew began marketing 000 threads in May, claiming the Lilliputian line was designed to be sold in Asia, where American sizes are generally way too big… A 23-inch waist — 11 inches smaller than that of the average American woman — is about the same circumference as a basketball.”

The J. Crew addition of size 000 has been criticized, some calling the company’s move “vanity sizing.” The company stands by their new size, however, and says that the 000 is only available on their website and in Hong Kong. Even still, people are quite bothered by the tiny size because they feel it sends the wrong message to consumers — and to women in general.

Learning specialist Jennifer Appel said:

“We live in a country that promotes anorexia and shame for women’s body types. J. Crew is a really powerful brand because Michelle Obama likes it, so they are making a national and international statement.”

Twenty-year-old NBC intern Kara Goldberg said:

“It’s setting a bad example of ‘how small do you have to be.'”

Is a size 000 something that J. Crew needed to add to their inventory? Some would argue that the percentage of people who need an XXXS should just have their clothes tailored. However, the retailer must have gathered enough information to confirm that the 000 would sell… and so they went with it. There are a lot of people in the world who would fit into a 000, and America isn’t the only country where people shop for clothes. And some people can see both sides of this debate.

Janine Heidt, 32, said:

“It’s ridiculous when you see a 40- or 50-year-old woman asking for kids’ clothing in a store because that’s what fits.”

Something else that should have weight-conscious consumers angry? J. Crew also sells girls pants called the “toothpick jean.” If that doesn’t send the wrong message, what does?

People of all shapes and sizes make themselves feel good the best they can. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an overweight blogger recently wore a bikini (a fatkini) and inspired thousands of people to just be themselves. The sun, after all, isn’t greedy.