October 20, 2017
Sony's Playstation Brand Surpasses Huge Landmark! PS3 + PS4 + PS Vita = 100 Million SOLD!

Sony has a varied history in the video game industry because they've been on top of the world at one point and wallowing in the gutters at another. Though never in a situation where they are suffering so horribly that they would consider major cutbacks like Nintendo or allow being bought out like Capcom, they've struggled, especially when it comes to their Playstation Vita. However, a recent video about official licensed products on the Playstation Japan Youtube channel revealed something very interesting: across the board with PS3, PS4, and Vita, they sold over 100 million units!

IGN had some extra insight on the video, but primarily the number of over 100 million units sold. In their article, they report the number was brought up to entice third party peripheral manufacturers to create devices for the Playstation brand, since the video was a promotion on officially licensed Playstation products. IGN even went as far as breaking down the numbers of the PS3, PS4, and Vita sold.

Back in April, Playstation 4's sales numbers passed the 7 million sold mark. For some reason, the PS4 is actually doing better in the west and not so well in Japan. Taking into account only three months have passed, the estimated number of units sold is about 8 million. For Playstation 3, there has been a total of 80 million units sold estimated but that number was back in November of 2013. The estimation is an added 2 million thus 82 million units sold. That leaves us with the Sony Playstation Vita, which Sony has kept quiet on numbers. This is likely because the Vita isn't doing so well in sales overall, but has seen a resurgence in both Japan and here in the west. Adding up the estimated sales of both the PS3 and PS4 above, the estimated number of units sold for the Vita is about 10 million units.

It should be noted that the numbers given are just estimates from IGN and should not be taken as factual. They did reach out to Sony for verification but as of right now, there is none. Still, the fact that 100 million units have been sold across the Playstation ecosystem is an accomplishment indeed. I wonder what it would be if we included the PS1, PS2 and PSP with those numbers. However, I am sure Sony just wants to know financial info on current systems still in the market.