Yawn****Twitter Search Meme****Yawn

There’s apparently a flap this weekend over a suggestion from Seesmic CEO Loic LeMeur that Twitter should have authority search based on the number of followers a user has.

I can see why people are upset, and I sympathize strongly withe the arguments against the proposal. The thing is, the debate fails on my official patented importance meter. I’ve tried adjusting the nobs and I’ve recalibrated it a couple of times, but the result is the same every time.

Who gives a shit.

You know the news cycle is quiet when this is the biggest story of the day. It’s really not that important. If Twitter did implement it, it won’t be the end of the world, and most people wouldn’t notice, care, or use the feature anyway.

Oh, and it won’t happen either. After all, Twitter couldn’t even get search right in the first place, so they had to acquire a company that was offering Twitter search. Unless there’s a 3rd party Twitter tool provider by the name of “elitist people search for Twitter” I’m not aware of they can buy to do it, I’m ranking this dead in the water…or should that be Loic’s Perrier.


Surely there’s something better to write about, for example how Loic and Michael just played you all for suckers :-)