WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair Returning To TV Next Week

Ric Flair has been absent from a WWE main event ring since April 29. He did make an appearance at NXT Takeover when Charlotte won the NXT Women’s championship. His last appearance with the company took place with the Miz, while the two gyrated around the ring both screaming, “WOO!” and dancing like only the Nature Boy does. It truly was good times for Naitsch.

On that night of Monday Night Raw, he chose the Shield over Evolution to prevail at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Like usual, Flair was correct in his prediction to lead WWE into the future.

ric is coming back wooooooooo

Upon further review of Flair’s overall health, the WWE is expected to bring back the 16-time World champion next Monday night on Raw.

“Ric Flair is currently scheduled for Monday’s RAW taping in Richmond, VA and Tuesday’sSmackDown taping in Fayetteville, NC. Flair was originally set to work the weekend house shows in the Northeast, but has now been written into WWE TV. Flair recently passed WWE’s medical testing, which was considered the final hurdle in bringing Flair back to WWE.”

Rumors flew around the WWE stratosphere about Flair possibly coming back to manage Dolph Ziggler. It’s no secret that Ziggler needs a necessary boost from somebody or something to reach the main event-level in WWE. His work ethic arguably the strongest of all the wrestlers, and Ziggler’s wrestling ability is among the best in the WWE.

The best thing for Flair to do is manage an up-and-coming superstar before his Charlotte makes the main roster. Just like Bret Hart was in his niece’s corner for their match at NXT Takeover, Flair will continue to do the same when the time is right. For now, WWE cannot afford to keep a Hall of Fame-wrestler on NXT exclusively.

Flair and Charlotte

Due to the Miz’s return as a heel, it doesn’t look probable that Flair would go after him. As for Ziggler, his feud with Fandango and Layla will take up some time and could last until SummerSlam. It will be very intriguing to see what Flair does on Monday with the Shield broken up.

If they were still a team, Flair would be an obvious choice to end up with the Shield. With a guy that versatile, anything he touches will turn into gold.

WWE has run into a goldmine of talent. The only problem is which superstar needs a manager? It doesn’t look like Flair should do anything else, unless he becomes the next Raw General Manager. The position is open because of Vickie Guerrero’s departure from the company. As for Brad Maddox, he is off in a cave somewhere.

Ric Flair

Comment below on the possibility of Flair becoming the next General Manager of Raw. He would be the first manager WWE has ever named that actually showed credence in his work. That way, the fans would have something to believe in, other than just a mouthpiece for the Authority. Flair as the GM could truly be “best for business.”

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