Sophia Bush Throws The First Pitch In Dodgers Game

Looks like Sophia Bush is a real natural in baseball. She’s a philanthropist, an actress, and now she can say that she was an honorary pitcher. Bush, who’s known for her roles on shows like One Tree Hill and Chicago PD, got to throw out the first pitch at the Dodgers game this last Friday.

Sophia throughout the pitch in the game that saw the Los Angeles Dodgers playing against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Even though Bush threw an impressive pitch, the actress revealed that she was so nervous that she even practiced at home to gear up for the big event. At the time Bush said:

“Throwing pretty well in my driveway vs. in front of 60-70,000 people…The panic might just shut me down completely.”

Before last Friday’s game Sophia, who’s very active on Twitter, sent a message of support for the Los Angeles team.

After Sophia threw out the pitch she raised her hands with a huge smile on her face. Luckily for the Dodgers, her early tweet of support suited them well because they won the game 4-3. When she isn’t throwing out the first pitch at Dodgers’ games, Bush plays Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD. The show is a spin-off of Chicago Fire. Bush said that playing the role of a recovering addict in itself has given her a lot of confidence.

During an interview with Buzzfeed she dished:

“I’ve found a lot more space to embrace my own power as a woman through playing Erin, who is very still and quiet. ‘People have always told me that I have a presence, but I never used to understand what that meant. Funnily enough, I’m learning about my presence as a human by playing a woman who is much more comfortable sitting silently in a room than I am.”

When asked why she participates in social media so much, the actress told Buzzfeed that it was truly the connections she felt with people that makes her a strong presence on Twitter.

“I have all these humans who I may not really know but, in some ways, I feel like we know each other the best. I love them for who they are, and they love me for who I am — and not for who I am on TV or in a magazine, but for who I really am: all my excitable, loud, messy, sensitive, courageous, badass tendencies. They love all of my stuff and I love all their stuff too.”

[Image via NBC]