Verizon Uses Mid-Atlantic Region To Test $20 Pay-As-You Use Data Plans With 300MB

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless on Friday announced a new program in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States that hopes to attract voice users to data plans with $20 pay-as-you go data packages which include 300MB.

The program works by allowing customers to purchase data at the $20 rate without need for an extended contract. Each time a customer uses 300MB they are are automatically charged $20 for an addition data package of the same size.

Company regional President Mike Maiorana says the plan is meant to act as an upsell by helping customers who have thought about “moving from a basic phone to a smartphone but were hesitant because of cost.”

Customers who are already using 3G or 4G enabled phones can take advantage of the program and Verizon notes that the 300MB is enough for 50 e-mail message and 50 web views daily, although customers are urged to stay away from music and video streaming.

AT&T Wireless also offers cheap plans along the same lines with a 200MB plan at $15, although they tend to sell customers on their $25 plan which offers 2GB, far better than the Verizon data plan at $20 for just 300MB. In comparison you would have to spend more than $133 to receive 2GB on the Verizon data setup.

The new data program begins on August 18 and ends September 30 in DC, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia.

Are you willing to purchase non-contract data usage at higher prices for the odd occasion you might actually use it? This won’t fly with business users but for people wanting internet access on occasion it may well serve a good purpose.