August 6, 2017
Is Your Bra Killing You? Then Try These 15 Secret Tricks To Make Wearing A Bra Much Nicer

If you wear a bra, or know someone who wears a bra, you know that this particular undergarment can be a real pain in the — well, anyway, it can be no fun. And that's why we're sure you'll soon be thanking us, because along with our good pals at Buzzfeed, we've got a list of 15 tricks we're sure will make your bra-wearing life easier.

Lets get right to these minor bra miracles. Be sure to click the links for more in-depth information about each trick.

You can buy silicone padding to keep those pesky straps from slicing your shoulders.

Bra Hacks 1

Don't throw out that bra just because an underwire come loose. Fixing this problem is easy. Click here for full, simple instructions.

Bra Hacks 2

Annoying strap exposure issues? Invest a few bucks in a set of these clips and — problem solved.

Bra Hacks 3

Or you can use a simple paper clip — even cheaper!

Bra Hacks 4

Traveling? Pack your bras in this elegant little CupCase and they won't get flattened. Costs about 25 bucks.

Bra Hacks 5

If you're an avid workout enthusiast, you know how quickly you run through sports bras. Here's a secret; if you wash a sports bra immediately — like, in the shower with you right after exercising — the fabric will last longer, and you save time, too.

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Here's a simple trick to make your bra is a correct fit. Can't squeeze two fingers under the strap? Too tight. But if your whole fist fits in there, the bra is too loose.

Bra Hacks 7

Why are you hanging your bras on different hangers in your closet? Using a single hanger not only saves space, it keeps your bras in shape.

Bra Hacks 8

Prefer a little modesty in your neckline? But who wants to wear a bulky camisole? Here's an easy and inexpensive alternative.

Bra Hacks 9

Here's a video that shows you, in very easy steps, how to sew a tab into your tank top so you can wear it with a bra and hide that pesky strap.

You can deploy a convertible strap to prevent a strapless bra from annoying slippage.

Bra Hacks 11

This is a salad spinner. But you can use it to wash your intimate apparel without subjecting it to washing machine wear and tear.

Bra Hacks 12

Ever think of sewing the front half of a bra into a backless dress? You have now. This trick immediately increases your available wardrobe.

Bra Hacks 13

Here's another common issue. The rising bra strap in the low-backed dress. But there is a solution. You can use a converter to keep the strap hidden.

Bra Hacks 14

Finally, check out this easy tutorial on how to create your own bra display out of ordinary hangers.

Bra Hacks 15

You can thank us later. For now, we'll thank Alanna Okun of Buzzfeed for many of these bra tricks and secrets. Thanks, Alanna!