Rose McGowan Accidentally Serves Pot Brownies to Realtors

Rose McGowan- who has a bit of a bad girl rep and was famously linked to shock rocker Marilyn Manson in the late 90’s- admits she accidentally got some real estate agents high while her house was on the market.

McGowan didn’t go so far as to say she liked to puff the magic dragon, but she did say that she served up some pot brownies after she put her house in Loz Feliz up for sale in February. Of course, it wasn’t her dope, she said, and the hash brownies that were inadvertently shared with the realtors were actually the result of crossed lines with her assistant.

On Chelsea Handler’s show, McGowan confided:

“There were eight realtors and inspectors coming to the house… and you have to get out of your house… and I notice there’s a big, huge plate of brownies that said ‘Enjoy!’ on the surround-wrap… and I just left, I didn’t think about it… At 4:30 that afternoon, I get a call from my realtor saying, ‘Um, I’m at my parent teacher conference; was there anything in those brownies?’

“I’m imagining all these poor people… high as a kite, like, ‘What the hell happened in Hollywood?'”

Later in the clip, McGowan also admits that she only sold the Los Feliz house because she believed she was allergic to her home. It was only after she’d moved to a dwelling she “loathed” and “hated” that she realized she was actually reacting to her down pillows and not anything particular in the home.

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