Remorseful Ex-Employee Returns $200 She Stole 15 Years Ago From Previous Workplace!

The amazing story of a remorseful ex-employee who stole $200 from a Nebraska bar 15 years ago is fast gaining attention across the U.S. The unidentified woman, perhaps overcome by guilt has returned the money she stole more than a decade ago, reports ABC News.

Gibbs and Pamela Hedges were the owners of the Hedge’s bar in Beatrice Nebraska which has been in existence for the past 30 years. Recently, Pamela came across a letter in her mailbox which she initially mistook for a credit letter from a bank. On opening it however, she was shocked find a check for $200 inside it. Also inside the envelope was a handwritten note. Upon reading the note, it became clear that it was from one of the ex-employees at the bar. The couple had sold the bar two years ago.

The note was received by the Hedges’ last week on Thursday, according to Yahoo. In the letter enclosed, the ex-employee revealed how she had stolen about $200 from the bar and also asked for forgiveness. In the letter, the ex-employee poured her heart out and says;

“I worked for you at Gibbs back in 1999 or 2000 (I think)”… Not only was I flaky employee, I also stole from the drawer when I worked.”

She goes on to say;

“I want to make sure you know I was appreciative of the job and that I regretted stealing from you. Please accept this check for what I estimate to be how much I stole. I hope you are both well.”

The woman who has chosen to remain anonymous told ABC News that she chose to return the money because she felt it was wrong and because she regretted her actions. She also added that while at the job, she wasn’t particularly good at it and that she only worked for a month or two, mostly on weekends. She also said that she was “young and dishonest” at the time.

However, it took her 15 years to realize how important her job at the bar was for her and to appreciate the opportunity given to her by Gibbs and Pamela Hedges.

“If I can speak with them again, I would tell them how much I appreciated the job. I have my life back on the right track now, and I regret everything I did,” the woman added.

Meanwhile, Pamela revealed that she was aware of the fact that some employees were taking cash out of the register and that they had on several occasions taken the register for repairs doubting if it was broken.

Stunned to receive the letter, the couple appreciated the woman for her honesty and said;

“We don’t really remember the employee. But it was so courageous for her to first, admit her mistake. Second, to financially compensate for what she did,”

Pamela plans to write back to the ex-employee.

Stories of remorseful thieves and criminals are not uncommon. We have listened to quite a few of them in the past as well – but do you think this one about the guilt ridden ex-employee was particularly touching?

[Image Via 6ABC]