WWE News: How Does Paige Feel About AJ Lee Returning?

Diva AJ Lee has returned to claim her place as number one and, it seems, only just in time, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

British superstar, 21-year-old Saraya-Jade Bevis, better known under her ring name of Paige, took the title from Lee after WrestleMania 30, and has held it ever since. Lee has taken some time to recover from the shock of that loss, leaving Paige to consolidate her position.

Now that Lee has returned and reclaimed the belt, where does that leave Paige? Will it damage her, or could it actually help her? The answer doesn’t really depend on her, but rather on those running the WWE. If they make the right decision, it will greatly boost Paige.

The reason that Paige had been unable to progress to a higher level was due to a dearth of credible competitors. Basically, she was winning, but against notably weaker fighters. She proved her superiority, but against “minnows.”

Paige has built up something of a reputation by being a demon in the ring. Although still young, she has been wrestling since childhood and has years of experience.

AJ Lee is the perfect competitor for Paige; she has a strong personality and can certainly match Paige in the ring. If Paige can learn to latch on to all the strength of character, emotion, and excitement that Lee brings to the ring, it can only elevate her position. Paige may have the talent and basic ability, but in this business you need something else, an extra spark that will get he fans jumping from their seats in delirious excitement.

In the past, Paige has shown that she does have unexpressed talent, as her work with Alicia Fox demonstrated. Fox was being a bit way out and wacky, but Paige was able to put her over, although it was only a non-title bout. That worked wonders for her credibility, especially at such a young age.

The Divas Universe is already getting excited over the prospect of having Paige and Lee together again in the ring. They are very aware that, with these two getting more attention, the buzz rubs off on all of them.

Our conclusion is that Paige should feel nothing but happy with AJ Lee’s return. It will benefit her and the whole division.

This looks like it will turn into a very exciting year, with Paige and AJ Lee at its center.