Mark Wahlberg To Be The New ‘Six Million Dollar Man’? [RUMOR]

Mark Wahlberg’s Transformers: Age of Extinction has already made more than $500 million worldwide, topping movie charts this week and breaking a couple of action movie records this year. As the fourth installment of the popular action franchise dominates theaters around the globe, an intriguing rumor is circulating the streets of Hollywood. According to Tracking Board, Mark is being eyed to play The Six Million Dollar Man in the rumored film remake.

A film remake of The Six Million Dollar Man has tickled the interest of major film studios for years, beginning in the 90s when a proposed screenplay for the film was written by Kevin Smith. This eventually turned into a related comic book named The Bionic Man. Copyright conflicts seemed to have derailed plans for a movie project but now, as issues were allegedly already settled in 2011, a Six Million Dollar Man film is becoming more and more of a possibility. Universal Studios is reportedly behind the movie, and the film giant is rumored to be eyeing Mark Wahlberg to star.

It’s not too surprising to hear these rumors on sites around the internet. According to Cinema Blend, studio executives are rushing in to take a bite on Mark Wahlberg’s onscreen success. Film offers are coming in from all sides, and, reportedly, what stood out is an offer to play the lead on The Six Million Dollar Man remake.

First airing in 1973, The Six Million Dollar Man tells the story of Steve Austin, an ex-astronaut who was “rebuilt” with bionic implants after encountering a fatal aircraft accident. His right arm, both his legs, and his left eye were replaced with bionic implants, allowing him to have extraordinary abilities. The series details his daily exploits as a secret agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence.

A lot of Hollywood A-listers have been rumored to play the titular role over the years. Jim Carrey was initially attached to a related project but it never materialized. Leonardo DiCaprio was also rumored to star in the movie with X-Men’s Bryan Singer reportedly taking the director’s seat.

Mark Wahlberg taking on the lead role of the film (if there really is one) isn’t very unlikely, but as many insiders pointed out, the star is already quite busy with a few other projects. Wahlberg is set to work again with Seth McFarlane on Ted 2, which is set to come out on 2015.

[Image from Eva Rinaldi via Flickr]