New Video Game Releases for the Week of July 6, 2014

The new video game releases for the week of July 6 signify the start of the traditional summer drought when compared to the previous week’s release schedule. The meager releases for this week’s crop of games does not leave a good deal to be desired in terms of content. A Wolf, a pirate and orange ball with legs known as Q*bert are the biggest releases we have to look forward to.

The highlight of new video game releases for the week of July 6 is arguably The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 which is the finale of the first season of the game. Telltale Games is known for their episodic approach to gaming based largely off licensed properties. Their fist multi-episdoe title was in 2006 with CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder but they are more widely known for the LucasArts property Sam & Max Save The World which was released on the Wii, Xbox 360 and the PC. They went on to develop titles based around larger properties such as Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future: The Game, Jurassic Park: The Game, The Walking Dead Seasons One & Two and are currently in development for Tales from the Borderlands based on the Gearbox Borderlands shooters and Game of Thrones.

The Wolf Among Us is based on the Fables comic series by Bill Willingham, published by DC comics imprint, Vertigo. The game serves as a prequel to the original Fables comic published in May of 2002. The world of Fables is centered around fairy tale characters such as Snow White, Prince Charming and The Big Bad Wolf who is the center of the game by Telltale.

The popular manga and anime, One Piece is getting another entry into its video game catalog with One Piece: Unlimited World Red. The main character of the show, Monkey D. Luffy who harbors dreams of being the pirate king, is resting in a local inn when his friends get kidnapped by the evil Red Count. As you might suspect, rescue of your friends is the primary goal with the help of a raccoon named Pato who seems to have picked up a few abilities from Scribbelnauts in where Pato can create anything drawn on a leaf.

The last game we want to look amongst the other new video game releases is Q*bert Rebooted. A creation of arcade company Gottlieb, the copyright was picked up by Sony in 1982 and has licensed Q*bert Rebooted to flash game developer Gonzo Games and Sideline Amusements. The game will feature the original pixelated arcade version many grew up with as well as the rebooted version with new graphics and maps.

New Video Game Releases for the Week of July 6, 2014

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One Piece: Unlimited World Red
PS3 | PS Vita | Wii U | 3DS

Q*bert Rebooted
PC | iOS | Android

Quest For Infamy

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions – Forgotten Wars
Xbox 360

Sacra Terra : Kiss of Death


Tour de France 2014
PS3 | PS4 | Xbox 360

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5
PS3 | Xbox 360 | PC

Image Source | Telltale Games