Bruno Mars Aids In Healing Of Injured 11-Year-Old Girl

Bruno Mars — famous for his short frame, soaring voice, and place on the Forbes list — is loved by millions of fans around the world.

But the story of one of those fans is incredibly heart-touching.

When 11-year-old Zumyah Thorpe’s pregnant mother and two younger sisters were lost in March 2013 during a fatal car accident involving a drunk driver, one could say her life was over. According to People, Zumyah survived the collision, though not without severe injuries and neurological damage. WKYC reports her brain was swelling so much that doctors had to remove part of her skull. The injuries that Thorpe, comatose, was suffering are almost always fatal.

During the recovery process, family and doctors would play Zumyah’s favorite song, Bruno Mars’s “When I Was Your Man,” every day. When Thorpe came to, it wasn’t long before she began walking again and even singing along. Dr. Nancy Bass, MD, Zumyah’s pediatric neurologist at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, told the station:

“I am absolutely convinced that singing those Bruno Mars songs and being able to say ‘Bruno Mars’ is in itself a miracle… Knowing all the words of the song has helped her recover and helped her learn to actually have language.”

When the news station sent Zumyah to a Bruno Mars concert in Cleveland, she was overjoyed. Inspired, Bruno showed the original news story to the crowd, called her up to take a bow, and ended his concert by serenading Zumyah with “Just The Way You Are.” During the song, Mars entered the crowd to dance with and hug her, even putting her name into the song. Bruno said Zumyah “can’t leave empty-handed,” and proceeded to give Zumyah his hat and a guitar. CNN reports he also gave Zumyah a tour jacket and other gifts.

As seen in the image above, Bruno called attention to Zumyah’s story via social media as well. He shared the above picture and another on Instagram with the captions:

“Tonight’s show was dedicated to this amazing young woman. I love you Zumyah… Zumyah tonight you gave my band and I something we’ve never felt before. you’re an inspiration to the world! #WeLoveYouZumyah”

While the singer has been under hot water lately for controversy involving bad language, we at The Inquisitr are blown away by Bruno Mars’s talent and huge heart in this situation. Let us know if this story touched or moved you like it did us!

[Image via @BrunoMars, Instagram]