Georgia Rules: Bulldogs Want Season Ticket Holders To Follow NCAA Regulations

The Georgia Bulldogs are making sure their football fans with season tickets are aware of NCAA rules and follow them to avoid issues. UGA ticket holders received their season passes this week with a letter from athletic director Greg McGarity urging fans to follow all NCAA guidelines in terms of player and game interaction.

In the letter he stated:

“[Supporters] can have NO interaction with any prospective student-athletes, nor can members of The Georgia Bulldog Club do anything for any current student-athletes,” McGarity wrote. “If we just remember those two things, we will go a long way in avoiding any NCAA violations in this area of our program.”

When asked why he included the letter he said:

“In the last year we’ve seen a lot of institutions dealing with issues and we just felt it was important for them to be reminded of the things you can and can’t do,” McGarity said. “Hopefully that way we won’t make the same mistakes some others have made.”

The team went even further, announcing that fans attending the Fan Picture Day on August 20 will not be allowed to bring any items:

“Due to recent public issues surrounding student-athlete autographs across the country, no outside items may be brought to Picture Day.”

Fans will receive two schedule posters that can be signed by players during Fan Picture Day.

It might be a little bit of overkill but during a time when divisional titles are being stripped, coaches are being fired or resigning and school officials are constantly looking over their shoulders, it’s probably not the worst idea in the world to urge fans to be on their best behavior.