‘Game Of Thrones’ To Introduce New Director To Series In Season 5

Are you experiencing Game of Thrones withdrawal? You’re not alone.

According to Winter is Coming, Game of Thrones was watched by upwards of 14 million viewers last year. It’s likely that the majority of them are impatiently waiting for Season 5, especially after the intense couple of episodes that completed this past season.

The deep and harrowing storyline is enough to make fans bite their nails, but now one of the directors has decided to take a break. Alex Graves, director of six Game of Thrones episodes, including the Season 4 finale, will be taking a break from the show for Season 5.

No need to bite your nails, though, another director was found to take his place.

Michael Slovis will be taking on Westeros when Game of Thrones returns in April.

It’s true that Slovis has very little experience directing projects with the fantasy setting utilized on Game of Thrones. That’s being said, he is still a very accomplished director. He’s worked on shows such as Breaking Bad, Law and Order: SVU, Elementary, and CSI.

When Slovis spoke at a recent Q&A session held in the Rochester Institute of Technology, someone asked him what the difference in technique might be.

“So, I’m wondering what techniques you used with them [Breaking Bad], as well as techniques you plan to bring, to directing ‘Game of Thrones.‘ Since that’s such an entirely different world,” The unnamed student asked.

Slovis had an answer prepared:

The methodology, the method is the same, it really is. You’re looking for an honest, not precious, not put-upon way of portraying the scene. The way that every one of the film sets that I direct runs is…You come in, and you read the material, as a group. Then we put it on its feet and […] you just guide actors, you don’t tell them what you want and very often if you trust them, you’ll get something better than what you ever imagined in your head beforehand. So if you listen and work together — it’s the most collaborative part of the film-making process, is the director and the actor relationship.

The new Game of Thrones director will have a trial by fire as he brings to life the first and second episodes of next season.

That’s not the only thing we know about Game of Thrones’ Season 5.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the U.S. ambassador to Spain made an announcement claiming that Game of Thrones will be shot in Spain. The news is leading to speculation that fans might get to see Dorne, the homeland of Oberyn “The Red Viper” Martell.

[ Image courtesy of Forbes ]