WWE News: WWE Pushing Roman Reigns To Replace John Cena As Face Of The Company

When it comes to the WWE, they must always have a man that can lead the pack. While Vince McMahon will always be the clear face of WWE as the Owner, he has now retired his character as a main star on TV. He has been replaced by his daughter Stephanie and his son-in-law Triple H. 10 years ago, Vince McMahon saw that the writing was on the wall. Names such as Steve Austin and The Rock, who led the WWE in the 90s, all seemed to be gone. A new man had to lead the pack as the number one star. The only real domino in play from the beginning was McMahon, and he knew that even his time would one day be up like The Rock and Austin both expired their use.

Now the WWE is in a period of change. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon rule as The Authority, and Vince is no longer around. Guys such as John Cena were picked by Vince over a decade ago to be the main star for the WWE, and he became just that. Among many, Cena was chosen to become the larger than life star to replace the expired top men of Austin and Rock. Cena was to lead the new generation, a generation that was ruthlessly aggressive.

Cena was in one of the first WWE Films productions and has been a main star in various pictures for the company. He has appeared on several TV Shows, and has been interviewed by several outlets. He has been a major fixture in the Make-A-Wish Foundation and always proves why he is potentially the best ambassador the WWE ever had as their top man. The problem with Cena is, like The Rock and Austin before him, his time as the top man is coming to an end. At the age of 37, Cena is at an age where athletes for major sports start to look at their retirement and replacements are on deck.

Teams such as the NFL’s New England Patriots have already begun grooming a replacement for Quarterback Tom Brady, one of the greatest at his position in NFL History. Brady is only 36.

That being said, it would not be wrong of WWE to start to look toward the future, and they have been doing just that. Dating back to last year, the WWE was seen talking about the new face of the company. Anyone who held the WWE World Title was the face of WWE, or the “new face” of WWE. While names such as Daniel Bryan are seen as main event stars for the future of the WWE, only one man can be the face of the company. The WWE feels that that man is Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns

The 29 year-old former Shield member is a powerhouse with a family linage like none in pro-wrestling history. A WWE Hall of Fame father, cousin to The Rock, Umaga, Rosey, and several of the great Samoan family that is known in WWE.

Naturally, this second generation Superstar with his pop-style wrestling can clearly get into the hearts of fans around the world for years to come. WWE feels that his look, like Cena and others before him, is larger than life. He is a powerful man who shows that he is a star even without saying a word about being one. His rise into stardom seemed to be overnight, and now WWE feels that he is the next big thing.

The idea is to push Reigns harder than any other before him. One idea being discussed is to have him win the Royal Rumble then face whoever has the World Title at WrestleMania 31. He would win and be crowned, at that time, becoming the new face of the WWE, according to the Wrestling Observer.

The feeling is that he and the current generation of stars have an Attitude Era-like feel. Basically, WWE feels at this time they have a loaded roster of new talent that can be stars. Clearly there will be main stars for them, but only a few will be in those main positions. Still though, there can only be one face. Roman Reigns seems to be that man and WWE is looking to make sure that is known in the coming months.

While John Cena is not set to retire any time soon, he will certainly not be around forever. WWE needs to start grooming a replacement as the top guy, and Reigns is being given that honor. Cena will slowly be pushed aside in the main event scene for Reigns. One idea being talked about is having him rival Cena in the near future, having Reigns go over. This would be a way to set him apart from Cena and go over well for WWE fans who have been clamoring for a new face.

Of course, with WWE the plans can always change. However, WWE does have a star in Reigns. Unless Reigns gets in trouble away from the company, or starts to get plagued with injuries in the coming years, he will be pushed to the moon. Whether or not the WWE fans get behind this move is up in the air, but just like all men put into this position, the fans were always behind the top guys before the WWE put them into those roles. If even Vince McMahon has to leave the WWE as a character in order for change to occur, one would imagine anyone can become the new top name for WWE as a performer, especially Reigns.

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