PS3 firmware 3.7 out now, adds automatic trophy syncing for PS Plus subscribers

As you’ll no doubt discover when you boot up your PlayStation 3 today, Sony has released a brand new firmware update, bringing the PlayStation 3 up to version 3.7.

The most notable new feature to be introduced in the new firmware is automatic trophy syncing. Before you get too excited, there’s a catch: in order to benefit from this convenient new feature, you’ll have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

That’s not the only PlayStation Plus-exclusive feature introduced in the update, though. There’s also an automatic save file upload feature which uploads your save files into Sony’s cloud storage servers automatically.

So, what do you get if you’re not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you ask? Well, you get a new XMB category dubbed “TV/Video Services”, Netflix and Hulu’s new home on the XMB, as well as 3D support for java-based Blu-ray features and support for 3D digital MPO photos. Hey, at least you get something.

via Joystiq