Robert Kirkman, ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Promise Bloodiest Season Yet

The Walking Dead is known for it’s bloody scenes that keep fans at the edge of their seats. Series creator Robert Kirkman is promising no less when Season 5 of The Walking Dead premieres this October on AMC.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead ]

Even the cast of The Walking Dead was taken aback in a recent article on when discussing the season five premiere. “This episode is so disturbing,” said Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on The Walking Dead. “Some of the the stuff they shot yesterday, I don’t know if it’ll make it to TV.”

As The Inquisitr recently reported, a behind-the-scenes look into Season 5 recently made it’s way onto YouTube and has everyone buzzing already.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect for the coming season, starting with the cliffhanger at the end of season four:

“They definitely get out of that train car. They do not spend the entirety of season 5 in that train car. It is through ingenuity and creativity and somewhat savageness that they are able to make their way out of that train car.”

Season 5 promises to go deeper into Terminus, the supposed safe haven turned trap that Robert describes as having “a lot going on” behind its walls. Kirkman elaborated as to what fans can expect when the cast does make its way out into the open:

“In our premiere episode of season 5 we’re going to give a ton of answers of who the people of Terminus are, what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, what’s going on with them. And by the end of that episode you’re going to have a much better understanding of what’s going on with them and why they’re so important to the show. Oh, and Daryl dies.”

And while Kirkman is most likely kidding (we hope) about the fate of Norman Reedus’ beloved character (much as he was when he listed Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick as the next character to die in an interview before the show went on break) The Walking Dead has been known to not hesitate when it comes to offing fan favorites.

As for how long Kirkman envisions The Walking Dead on the air, it all comes down to the comics… and the show’s popularity:

“I’m still doing the comic and plan in doing it for many, many years. And right now the issues that we are doing as we speak is material that could be adapted into a season 10, 11, or 12 depending on how we adapt things. And we’re not stopping. So five years from now we’ll be doing comics that could be for season 15. Now, it’s unrealistic to think it can go for that long, but if the show remains successful, the potential is there for that. All that said, I’m just hoping and praying we make it to season 7.”

Season 5 of The Walking Dead premieres this October on AMC.

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